Meet the Heijmen Family: (L - R)

          Marshall (3), R-J, Jackson (17)

          Jaime (wife) & Spencer (15)

Dear Friends, 
On behalf of the Vestry, it is my joy to announce that we have called the Rev. Rutger-Jan Heijmen to be our next Rector of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.  We look forward to welcoming the Heijmen family (wife - Jaime, sons - Jackson (17), Spencer (15), and Marshall (3)) into our community.  Please join us on January 14, 2020 at 7 o’clock for a beautiful Service of Institution of Father R-J as our Rector. 
Father R-J was raised in Connecticut as a life-long Episcopalian. As a boy, R-J attended (until his voice changed) the St. Thomas Choir School in New York City.  In 1998, he received his BA in Art History from the University of California, Berkeley. Here he met his beautiful wife, Jaime, who was raised in Northern California.  In 2001, R-J and Jaime moved to New York and worked as Youth Leaders for The Fellowship of Christians in University and Schools (FOCUS).  After five years as NYC Director of FOCUS, R-J attended the Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, where he earned a Masters of Divinity.  After seminary, R-J and his wife Jaime went back to NYC to plant a new church in Manhattan, where he spent the next four years as Rector.  In 2012, the Heijmens moved their young family to Houston, where R-J became Associate at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church for a broad range of ministries and parish life experiences for all ages.  Father R-J showed impressive leadership over a $12M Stewardship Campaign and a $55M Capital Campaign, Student Ministries, Young Adult Ministries, Disaster relief, Adult Education, and Pastoral Care.  Father R-J is also the co-host of a Podcast with over 8000 listeners. 
Father R-J stated in his cover letter to the search Committee, “I have a passion for preaching and teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ.  There is nothing I enjoy more than connecting the ‘old, old story’ of the Gospel with 21st century people”.  From their many conversations with him throughout the interview process, the Search Committee enthusiastically found his passion to be infectious. 
We believe Father R-J to be a kind, compassionate, intelligent, and prayerful spiritual leader.  He is a disciple of Christ who has the passion to communicate the Gospel in a manner that parishioners and our community will find engaging and relevant to life.  He is a role model of God’s love and understanding, a leader who leads by example of loving our neighbor as ourselves through tolerance, inclusiveness, forgiveness, fun and humor.  With God’s grace, Father R-J has the qualities and energy to lead our Holy Trinity family and together we will share God’s love with open doors, open minds, and open hearts. 
Please join me in congratulating the Search Committee on their success and expressing our gratitude to them for their devoted and diligent discernment during these past eighteen months. We also give thanks to all those who prayed for the priest that God has chosen to answer our call.  Please continue to pray “as we prepare the way” for our new Rector, Father R-J, and his lovely family. 
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!   Laura  


Laura M. Warner, Senior Warden 

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