Do you always take time to eat a good breakfast on Sunday or are you usually too rushed?  If you’re one of the majority that are not able to breakfast at home your prayers have been answered.  That’s right!  During the summer months,  at 9am in the Parish Hall, breakfast will be served to include both the 8 and 10 o’clock congregations!

We are a whole church family but the early service people have few opportunities to get to know those attending the later service and vice versa.  This summer that’s all going to change in the most delicious possible way. 

Several Churches use this model for both the summer and some all year round. Different groups within our parish have already offered to cook the breakfast, but many dates are still open. If you and/or your group would like to host one Sunday, please let Kelly in the Church Office know.  This would be greatly appreciated.

Coffee hour in the Summer after the 10:00 service will continue to happen , but only very simple beverages and cookies will be served.